Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Station Four - Jesus meets His Mother

Jesus has got up from falling.
Jesus has continued walking.
Jesus is carrying his cross.
Then his mother comes up to him.

This is the station where emotions come into play, when the human reality of the journey really come out. Jesus meets his mother on the road.

Mary has always known her heart would break over her boy, Simeon told her so, but now it's actually happening. There is no detail in the gospels that Jesus does anything other than stay calm and comfort his mother, but now the emotions must be everything.

How do you feel when you stand at this station?
Do you feel the sorrow?
Can you imagine the pain?
Do you think about your mum?
Can you feel what your mum would feel?

When did you last feel great sadness? How did you cope? What did you do? Who helped you?

Have you ever helped someone else in their sadness? Do you think you helped?

Jesus knows sadness, has experienced sadness. He's been comforted and comforted others. In our lives we all have times of sorrow and grief, Jesus will help us if we ask.

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