Thursday, 24 January 2013

A rule breaking haiku

I like rules, I really do
There for a reason
Make things safer for all

Yet what I don't like to be
Is constrained by them
Flexibility is good

So therefore the question is
What makes a rule break
I'll let you decide on some:

Was it ok for politicians
To bend the rules
For their own self benefits?

How about for America
To use torture
To stop terrorist acts?

Or for you to tell me that
My bum doesn't look
Fat in this teeny skirt?

What do you think about those?
Which rules can be broke?
I'll leave it on your safe hands


Linked up at Breaking all the rules at poetry jam.  If you don't know the rules of haiku writing you might like to know that I've broken the consonants rule from 5,7,5 to 7,5,7 - aren't I a rebel!


Margaret said...

Oh, never tell a woman her bum is fat! :) Very cute.

Mary said...

I am laughing with Margaret here...

You have asked some good questions about rules....thought- provoking work, Emma.

Helen said...

... there are days I believe we live in a rule bending world!

Peggy said...

Are any rules absolute? And the lines are so fuzzy! I like the concept of rules being bent rather than broken!

Brian Miller said...

um yeah i know better than to tell a woman her bum looks big no matter what she is wearing...though if asked i will tell you if you need to change out of the outfit...ha...politicians well, i kinda expect them not to follow rules...

my heart's love songs said...

you are a true rebel, Emma! {smile}

thank you so much for participating at Poetry Jam!