Monday, 14 January 2013

My mother turned 80 today

My mother turned 80 today
"That's amazing" I hear you say
Yes it certainly is
It's worth a bottle of fizz
(I'll repent of my lie another day)

Some days you will do almost anything for a good large glass of bubbly; but would you pretend your mum was 80?

My mother turned 80 today
Everyone came out to play
There were zimmer frames galore
And more by the door
For the nursing home, a wonderful party

If there is one thing that nursing homes can be really good at it's arranging birthday celebrations for their elderly members.

My mother turned 80 today
Eighty revolutions of whey
This making of cheese
Brings her to her knees
But it's worth it on ripening day

I wouldn't want to have to make cheese by hand, have you seen how much hard work goes into it? Wow.


These three crazy limericks were inspired by Jenny Matlocks Saturday centus prompt of the same title.  I hope they make you smile.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving all this humorous rhyming on your blog today, it's so wonderful to see you back laughing. .please share more, it's wonderful

Judie said...

I wish I loved "the bubbly" but sadly, I don't. It is instant headache for me. You can enjoy it, however, every time your mum turns 80!

Kris Osage said...

How creative and well done those little limericks were...very enjoyable, along with your commentary !!!

Jenny said...

Your limericks made me smile!

What a fun link!

Love your creativity here!