Monday, 21 January 2013

Je t'aime

I love you today
I loved you yesterday too
I'll always love you

Je t'aime aujourd'hui
Je t'aimais hier aussi je
t'aimerai toujours


D'verse challenged us to pen a poem in a foreign language.  I love French and wondered if I could write a haiku that worked in both languages.  And it does, I'm impressed.  Hope you like. 


Brian Miller said...

nice haiku on love...that everlasting love is a beautiful thing...when it happens...

Emma Major said...

thanks Brian, and yes - it's amazing and something everyone should experience

Elizabeth said...

isn't it amazing how the two languages allow a haiku saying exactly the same thing, love truly is international

Emma Major said...

I know what you mean, I thought it would need alot of tweaking but it just happened. who needs words when it comes to love

Fred Rutherford said...

Really nice Emma. Glad you shared this. I'm a big fan of Haiku and really love this one and how it came out in Translation. Thanks