Sunday, 20 January 2013

Praying a labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth
Is a type of pilgrimage
Going from where you are right now
To God and back again in prayer

There's no right way to do it
It's different for us all
That you walk and pray the route
Is what matters most of all

You can pray about a question
Or walk to clear your mind
You can use it to focus yourself
Or to review what's gone behind

Many find it healing
Bringing inner turmoil to a rest
Others work out issues
Using the wall as a quest

What matters most when walking
Is to leave the world outside
Ask God to walk alongside you
And allow your soul to open wide

For more information I recommend these sacred labyrinth pages.


Anonymous said...

really really really well written, this would bea fabulous resource to hand out when I do sessions with finger labyrinths, would you give me permission to use it please?

Emma Major said...

of course you can, if you should just message me your name and location is appreciate it so I know how far it's being used :)

Jane said...

I'm in New York state and I'd like to use this poem as well please, it's just so gentle and complete

Emma Major said...

wow, yes, of course, God bless

Greenpatches said...

I'm intrigued. That wouldn't be the Diocesan labyrinth in the picture there would it? I've heard there's one available to hire but I've never seen it before.

Emma Major said...

it is indeed, we've got it until Easter and will be using it with all different groups in and around the church. I've used it elsewhere before but it's amazing to have it at ours.

Greenpatches said...

That's great - I thought it might be. It looks amazing - proper Chartres Layrinth and so big! I feel very envious!

Emma Major said...

don't be envious, why don't you come walk out when we've got it up for a few days? I'll.let you know when if you'd like