Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Danger Cake

Danger Danger
This cake's out to get you
It knows it is gorgeous
And will cause emotional issue
It'll pretend that it's safe
That the almonds are healthy
But quickly you'll realise
It's temptation is deadly

Danger Danger
Approach with great caution
This wonderful cake
Will demand another portion
You won't be able to resist
No matter your will power
You'll start with one piece
But then consume a tower


The cake is Kentish cake, a cake Mike's mum used to make him and that Rachel and I made him for his birthday.  The poem is written for the prompt "danger" at poetry jam.


Brian Miller said...

ha aint that the waistline does not need the temptation that is for sure...and the guilt that comes after....ok, so maybe just a little piece...smiles.

Helen said...

Sweets are my downfall, my danger zone. Your poem is sweet!!! Ok for human consumption.

Mary said...

Ha, so many foods have that 'danger' quality!! A person is at risk for eating too much if they are in the house.

Emma Major said...

it'll be worth the waistline problems

Emma Major said...

thanks Helen

Emma Major said...

and danger of happiness during it

Peggy said...

LOL So very true!! Those cakes always seem to call "just another thin little slice." And the one you made looks intesting--like a loaf of cake!

kaykuala said...

So it is, cakes and everything that's nice! The calories or cholesterol that we consume happily is slow death in the making. Nicely Emma!


Kelvin S.M. said...

..aww... a guilty pleasure that must be... i'll put myself in danger more often with that and all other confections... smiles...

Dave King said...

Yup, that's how it gets you, alright! Apt warning and very apt response to the prompt.

SaraV said...

That does look dangerously delicious! Just like your poem-very fun:-)

Susan Lindquist said...

Ah yes ... food temptations can be a source of danger, can't they?

Myrna R. said...

Mmmmm. I love cake. I never resist temptation. Your husband must have loved it.