Friday, 11 January 2013


I look at this photo
And I see so many reflections
Of all different types
Touching my emotions

I feel my love reflected back
From the girl growing so fast
In her eyes right from her heart
I know this love will last

I hear history reflected here
Through the cannon's last shot
Telling us to talk
That advice would help a lot

I see light reflected brightly
On the surface of the sea
Reminding us that life
Is a gift for you and me


This poem was written for the prompt "reflections" at Poets United.  The photo was taken in December at Brighton and has been waiting for a suitable poem to accompany.


Anonymous said...

three really good reflections, I like the way you used a photo that had been waiting for a use. well done

Anonymous said...

history, light and love - perfect reflections

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Quite some gift, too.

Gemma Wiseman said...

A lovely little poetic reflection! I love the concept of hearing history!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

All of these reflections are wonderful. Well said.

Laura said...

beautiful through and through!

my heart's love songs said...

wonderful layering of reflections!

Kim Nelson said...

That lovely final reminder completes this piece ideally.