Friday, 11 January 2013

I don't like mice

I don't like mice
The way they chase
And scamper along
Forever in my face

Tempting me always
To jump on their tails
Then complaining
When their escape fails

They smell so nice
Just oh so good
But don't like it when
I want them as food

They're even on
The tablet screen
Asking for attention
Wanting to be seen

But when I tap
Gentle and nice
They run away
I don't like mice


I took this photo of our new kitten Tommy a few days ago, he was copying my trapping on my tablet screen and Rachel said I should give a picture of a mouse and he just loved it.  I had no idea what I would write to accompany the photo: but then today fireblossom at real toads challenged us to write a poem with repeating first and last lines and opposing meaning in the middle.  I'm not sure I've pulled it off, but it has amused me to write it and I've enjoyed being inside a kittens head.


aprille said...

What great fun!!!
I tolerate, even encourage all the village cats to hunt for mice in our gardens. If they keep them down, we don't get any coming in the house.

Ella said...

Clever and he is so adorable! I want a ball of fluff, but my beagle won't be happy! enJOY, fun to read!

Helen said...

Yes ... you pulled it off
(in spades.)

Fireblossom said...

Too funny!

Margaret said...

...he protests a bit too much (and boy, is he a cutie)