Friday, 25 January 2013

We don't talk anymore

You might not have noticed
In fact I doubt you care, why would you realise
We don't talk anymore, not like we used to do
Is that what we've come to?
You know there's something worse
I don't think I care, it's easier to be like this
We don't talk anymore
What would we talk about?

So what do we do with this?
Just continue as we were, or actually change things?
What do you want, I have no clue at all
We don't talk anymore
We just don't anymore
Don't talk, don't touch, don't do anything together
We don't exist together
Not anymore, not now


Inspired by "alibi" by Dessa provided as a sound prompt by Marian at real toads. Also shared at theme Thursday.


Marian said...

i can almost hear you reciting this.
we don't talk anymore
we don't talk anymore
are you a closet rapper? :)

Chhavi Vatwani said...

Ever thought about being a hip hop artist? If you haven't, you should ;) Great take on the prompt!

Isadora Gruye said...

What I really like here is that the poem is a one way conversation, where in the non-vocal second person is accused of not talking....very meta!!!! I also think you have captured a lavish rhythm with your word choice and repetition. Well done and viva la

Hannah said...

I agree with Marian!! This is rap-able!! Nicely done!

Emma Major said...

very closet, and more in the car than anywhere real :)

Emma Major said...

thanks, I don't think I'd pull it off really

Emma Major said...

thanks isadora, I have to admit that that's more accidental than planned so I don't think I can take credit

Emma Major said...

thanks Hannah

Emma Major said...

I need to come clean
I used the alibi lyrics rhythm
that's why so well
just call me a cheat

Peggy said...

I like the rhythm in this--no matter where it came from. A very sad poem.

Kay L. Davies said...

"We don't exist together" is a perfect description of a couple uncoupled.
Very well said, Emma.

Joyce Lansky said...

That's sad. Time to start talking.

Susan said...

I hear it as you mean it I think, voice strong and full of the truth, not a whine, not a substitute. Rap on.

Susie Clevenger said...

The repetition of "we don't talk any more" is powerful. It reinforces that one way conversation that has tried to open up the talk between two people, but to no avail Great Piece!

Margaret said...

... what a punch.... "it's easier to be like this". Love has turned the corner, no goin' back. And he doesn't even reailze...

This is just excellent!

Mrsupole said...

Such true words spoken in describing so many relationships after a while. With some it happens quickly and with others it takes time. Either way it is very sad when it happens. Talking to each other is so important. You say so much here and with such force. Loved it.

Thanks for sharing it with this weeks Theme Thursday Rhythm. Hope you are doing lots of talking this weekend.

God bless.