Sunday, 13 January 2013

Just keep smiling

The beach may be cold
The sand may be rough
But whatever you do
Just keep smiling

They may have found gold
In the hole they have dug
But don't get distracted
Just keep smiling

Your swimsuit may be tight
You might not want a photo
But try not to despair
Just keep smiling

The sky may be overcast
The sun not hot enough
But this is our summer holiday
Just keep smiling


This is what came to mind when I saw the Sepia Saturday photograph.


Anonymous said...

I like your poem a lot, but I don't think she looks that worried about being photographed. not as worried as I would be anyway.

Wendy said...

A clever response to the photo prompt. I like the repetition of the last line.

Alan Burnett said...

Sepia words.
Thanks for your contribution.

Little Nell said...

The essence of so many seaside smiling pictures.

Peter said...

This should be the first poetic interpretation of a Sepia Saturday theme!

Bob Scotney said...

We have missed your poems Jim. I'd find it much harder to write one than find a relevant photo.

Emma Major said...

really, I'd have thought lots of people would have penned poems. I'm amazed

Emma Major said...


Emma Major said...

thanks for the amazing inspiration

Emma Major said...

definitely is mine :)

Emma Major said...

thankyou, it sounds like a song in my head, perhaps a sea shanty

Emma Major said...

nor me :)

barbara and nancy said...

what a nice optimistic poem.

Anonymous said...

This pretty much sums up my experience with my dad snapping photos - not just at the beach ... everywhere!

Nice poem, well executed.

Welcome to SS!


Karen S. said...

Emma, I think it's a lovely poem, thanks for sharing it!

Postcardy said...

Just keep smiling (and get the photo over with).