Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Flight of the bumble bee

Flying here and flying there the
Bumble bee's without any care

It flies all day around the flower
Collects pollen and nectar pure

From the pollen it collected
Honey's made, highly protected

This is love, the sweetness of life
Where life is a flower of love

The bumble bee is God at work
Creating love at every move


Written for the carry on Tuesday prompt "Life is a flower of which love is the honey".  For optimal enjoyment read it fast in the same rhythm as the piece by Radinsky.


Kendall said...

Would that make the bee love's messenger?

Umair Butt said...

This bee poem is really nice. Amazing work.
Hindi Poetry

gsb said...

excellent take on this prompt...only one problem...now I have that song buzzing through my head...that's not bad

Whitesnake said...

What a buzz this wazz