Wednesday, 9 January 2013

While the cat's away... #ABC

While the cats away
The mouse will play
Or so the ditty goes
Does the same apply
To the ABC?
That'd be quite a show

For nine days already
The seat's been ready
Since our Rowan retired
For another four weeks
There'll be vacant seats
Until Justin is formally hired

So what will you do
Whilst there's none watching you?
The choice is completely yours
Careful what you choose
Don't this chance loose
You'll regret only doing chores

You could marry two guys
Oh no, government denies
That to be undertaken
Make a woman a bishop
No, that's quite heretic
The whole world would be shaken

So we wait like good kids
Quietly under our lids
Keep thoughts we might develop
Until our new ABC
It's installed safely
And we're securely again enveloped


Anonymous said...

very very funny, thanks for the Friday afternoon laugh

Anonymous said...

would you be referring to the infamous church mouse?

Anonymous said...

the next cat is ready to pounce, watch out!