Thursday, 24 January 2013

Joke: A to Z of children's work

            There are lessons to teach
                    Craft to complete
                     Prayers to write
                     Candles to light
               But there's also room
                       Always room
                        For a laugh
                         And a joke
              Bringing stories to life
             With laughter and song
                 Is a fantastic way
       To make the lesson stay long
                  In the memories
                       Of the kids
                 Who'll repeat it all
                 Through the week
             So don't avoid the funny
              Or suppress that laugh
                Because the giggles
                    And enjoyment
           Will be the lessons that last
                          And last
                 And go down deep
                  And stay forever
               And that's our hope
                        And prayer
                          For ever


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

very it!

storybeader said...

great poem! {:-Deb

Lady In Read said...

yes, there is always time for a joke, a laugh, and giggles too..thx

Tracy said...

That is so true.
My mother used to say if times tables were a pop song I would get 100% I now listen in awe and wonder at how my adult kids know song words I mst be very old .

Jenny said...

Cool poem...

Your words are always so well written..

A great Job for the letter J...

Thanks for linking.