Sunday, 27 January 2013

Spoiling the kids

Doesn't she get enough attention?
No, how can that even be mentioned.
But as an only child, she might
End up spoiled, a frightful sight

Of course she won't, she's not like that
She could never be anything like a brat
You say that now, but mark my words
One day you'll regret she was undeterred

Undeterred, she never has a chance
Come and see our parenting dance
I'm OK thanks, I know I'm right
No problem, see you later, good night.


This took the last line of last gaga 55 as it's starting point; I'm enjoying turning the original poems on their head in some way or another.  I think this might be my favourite real toads prompt ever.

1 comment:

Kim Nelson said...

I like the flow, rhyme, repeats and emphasis in this poem. And the strength of conviction, without cockiness, in the protagonist is admirable. Nicely done, Emma!