Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Enough food for everyone IF we all share

Here are some facts
Which make me feel quite sick
How can we go on
Without changing it?

One in eight people
On this planet of ours
Are malnourished and
At risk of being starved

Two million children will
Die of starvation this year
This could be stopped
If we showed we really care

It is not as IF
There's a food shortage
It just needs distributing
To the people in need

This year the UK
Is leading the G8
Now is the chance
To really make a change

We must stand up
And make our leaders hear
That we won't sit back
And let people live in fear

Policies need reviewing
There needs to be a change
Providing food for the hungry
We know it CAN be arranged


Today I've received emails from three organisations I support; world vision, one and tearfund.  These are just three of nearly 100 charities in the UK that have joined together to make a difference to those in poverty with the IF campaign

The IF campaign need us to support them in their desire to end world poverty, all they need is our support and our signatures.  I've signed and now I've penned this for your information and enjoyment. 

Please go and show your support as well
Add your voice today by clicking here

I've also been asked to provide a link to the save the children link here


Dave said...

what a great way of raising awareness, well done, I pray it reaches people who wouldn't otherwise hear about it

joy said...

I've signed, thanks

madhat said...

Signed and shared.

John said...

I've signed it

world vision UK said...

thank you for sharing this lovely poem

Kat Sighs said...

I had already signed but have shared your poem. Great post! X

Maude Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing the links!

LLM Calling said...

thanks Dave

LLM Calling said...

thank you

LLM Calling said...

fantastic thanks

LLM Calling said...


LLM Calling said...

glad to do my bit

LLM Calling said...

thanks Kat

LLM Calling said...

it's such an important campaign

Rebecca Beesley said...

brilliant way of sharing something so important! well done xxx