Friday, 11 January 2013

Happiness: A to Z of mental health

There's depression
contentment and happiness
And then there's
Manic craziness

States of mind
Of all sorts of kind
The question is
Which's the ideal

I like the state
Of happiness
But contentment's
Pretty good

Others long for more
Do anything they could
Some pushing too far on
Further than they should

The balance isn't easy
Many loose their way
In banishment of depression
And determination to be ok

I keep a mood diary
Jotting down each day
How I feel right now
Keeps me heading the right way


Anonymous said...

wishing you every happiness

Anonymous said...

a mood diary is a really good idea, I might start one of those, thanks for the idea

Jenny said...

Mood swings.

Ah. The bane of my existence.

I do a lot of natural supplements as well as mild hormone therapy and that does help me a lot.

It's that slide into the dark that always scares me, though.

Your words always speak directly to my heart!

Thank you for sharing them.

Hugs and A+