Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Not the end

Before was pure pain
Through my chest, stomach and arm
Fear overtook me

During was quiet
No fear or concern, just love
A knowing somehow

After was pure joy
Completely overwhelming
More than expected


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Margo said...

The haiku form works well, doesn't it? I rather like the slight ambiguity, allowing more than one interpretation. Although, as I discovered while teaching poetry, even if all seventeen students had a different interpretation, all of them linked.

Emma Major said...

thanks Margo, I'm trying to leave more room for the reader in my poems and enjoying where.it leads. it's nice to hear that it's working

Anonymous said...

I love haiku, although I'm not very clever in writing them. Yours are quite lovely!

Hannah said...

A heart attack...or stroke? Scary...accomplished well with brevity, Emma!