Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Joined together

               Watching us at breakfast
        While we eat the bread of brown
                  Telling us, over lunch
              "No one wears the crown"
                Looking down on dinner
         Making sure that we don't drown
           Caring for us through the days
      When joined together brings a frown


Linked up at Tuesday tryouts as a wonder of everyday things.  Please excuse the spider webs on the statue, is like to pretend we have an endless web problem, but actually we have an "I'm allergic to cleaning" problem.

PS I know that it's not strictly an everyday item, but it's something that I see everyday without giving it much thought.

1 comment:

Margo said...

I'd say you did fine with your choice of item. If it is so much a part of the life of your day, then that is its use!
It's funny. I'm rereading the poem and just noticed you have a rhyme thread, which means it works!
So glad to hear you are headstrong and into mayhem. When you read a few of the conversations at my blog you should feel right at home :-)