Sunday, 6 January 2013

Don't they care?

Look mum
They're small as ants
Running around
Among the plants

Look dad
What are they doing there?
Throwing away food
Is it spare?

Look mum
What's that noise
Shooting each other
With their toys

Look dad
Don't they care
Those forests now
Are brown and bare

Look mum
What's all that grey
It's blocking the sun
It won't go away

Look dad
They're ruining it
Don't they realise
How precious it is?


This picture was the prompt for Jenny Matlock's Saturday centus.  The poem is sad but true.


EdenHouse said...

How sad but how true

Kris Osage said...

Very well done... Earth is our home and we need to be good caretakers of it, after all, where else is there to go ??? Loved the twist at the end !!! :)

Sue said...

A lot of unfortunate, well-stated truths.

Good job.


noexcuses said...

So very true. A good reminder for us all! Nice job!

Jenny said...

Beautiful and sad imagery here.

I think that is how our planet would look from afar.

And certainly from up close.

Sad the mess so many have created!