Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Only the kitten knows

Running up the curtains
Up and down the floors
I can hear a kitten
Bounding on his paws

Making special music on
The notes from the piano
Jumping headlong everywhere
Then stopping from full flow

Pouncing on my slippers
Biting on my toes
I'm wondering what he's up to
Only the kitten knows


Written for the 100 word challenge for grown ups with the prompt

…the notes from the piano…


Anonymous said...

and the photo - fantastic

zongrik said...

kittensare wonderful musicians!!! meow, piano, scratch and allll!!!

Emma Major said...


Emma Major said...

wonderful if cheeky

sandraconner said...

Cute picture and very cute poem.

Brudberg said...

Ahh, how adorable. I love it. I had only one small suggestion that you might consider. The rhythm in the very last sentence is slightly off I think.

Could one say "but only kitten knows" instead? Treat it only as slight change. The poem is brilliant and the picture adorable.

honestspeaks said...

Lovely poem and cute picture!