Friday, 11 January 2013

Haiti rebuilt by Tearfund

Three years ago today
A massive quake shook the earth
Devastated an island
Destroyed so much of worth

300,000 adults and kids dead
293,000 homes gone forever
2 million homeless
It needed a miraculous endeavour

An appeal was launched
Money was raised
Tearfund started action
A nation was embraced

In the three years since
So much has been done
Here are some headlines
From that island in the sun

75,000 trees planted
300 shelters built
Nearly 4,000 farmers given seeds
Over 2,000 given goats

50,000 kids access projects
50,000 people prevent cholera
9,000 got a new loo; and over
100,000 trained for if it happens again ever

These are just some of the highlights
That Tearfund did achieve
Thanks for your £7 million
It's been miraculous indeed


Anonymous said...

thankyou Emma, it's always wonderful to hear from our supporters especially in such a creative way. Tearfund.

Emma Major said...

thank YOU, for all you guys are doing.