Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow bunny

Daddy made a snow bunny
With help from uncle will
I think it's really scary
Mummy does as well

It was weird in the daylight
But now the sun is down
It's staring in the moon light
Do you think it can hop around?

It's enough to give me nightmares
Like a baddy from Dr Who
Does it move when I'm unawares
Then jump out and kill with "boo"?

I hope it melts quickly
Goes back to where it came
I just think it's spooky
I'm never giving it a name


Rachel really doesn't like the "snow bunny" and asked me to write her a poem so she'd laugh about it.  This is it.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I like more, the fact that Rachel and you talk about poetry, or that Rachel asks you to write, or that you encourage her to write. it's all just fantastic to see; who says poetry is a dieing art form

Anonymous said...

ps I love the poem and the way you're writing in.her voice but clearly using your own ideas. brilliant.

Anonymous said...

there's something of darkness about that bunny

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want that in my garden

Emma Major said...

it's worth saying that it had a funnel thing for a nose but it got pulled out by my.nephew before I could get a photo - that made it even more freaky!!

thanks for the comments everyone

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with an ordinary snow man?

Anonymous said...

could this be the next snowman animation? less cute but more exciting :)