Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Listening in on Gabriel and Mary

Hi Mary. I'm an angel
Got some good news for you today
You're going to have a son
This boy will be God's baby

What? you must be joking
This can't be happening to me
I'm Mary of Nazareth
Just a young girl, can't you see?

Yes Mary, I know that
But God has chosen you, He needs you
It's already happened
You're pregnant, you know what to do

Look at me
I can't be pregnant, not with God's son
I'll be massive and I'm not married
You've got the wrong one

Don't panic Mary
Everything is possible with God
Just trust and you will see
This will be a blessing not a rod

Promise me I'll cope
That it will all work out ok
With you by my side
And God I know I'll find a way


This poem is a development to the response to the request for a caption for the picture provided by Spring Harvest on Facebook. 
My original caption was:
Mary: "I can't be pregnant with God's son, I'll be massive"
Gabriel: "don't panic Mary, everything is possible with God"

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Anonymous said...

oh yes that could definitely be the conversation. well done.