Friday, 4 January 2013

Resolutions and absolutions

I'll start by talking resolutions
Those of the past
That weren't ignored
Of all of them
There's one that stands out
Getting rid of being bored

This year I'm not entering the habit
Preferring to be
Kind to myself instead
But one thing
That I will change this year
Is spending less time in my head

Another thing we are going
To do for the
First time this year to come
Is to try
A home exchange holiday
It promises to be lots of fun

In my ministry I have aspirations
For reaching out
Further to those in need
I pray that
Many will share my dreams
And bring to fruition success indeed

Mostly this year is about absolutions
Learning to be more gentle
On me myself
Be less hard
Allow more living
Leave self denigration somewhere else


This poem was written in response to the RevGalBlogPals Friday five by the same title.  I hope you enjoy this poetic way of answering the questions.


Rev. Pat Raube said...

Lovely Friday Five!
And one thing lovelier still:
Love of self. Amen!

Thanks for playing Emma! :-)

PrJoolie said...

what a lovely poem. Perhaps I will hazard a new year's resolution: to read more poetry!

RevAlli said...

Love it! Thanks for the great post.

river song said...

wonderful poem, thanks, and a blessed new year 2013!